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Byggnadsekonomi is an award winning total BIM consulting company in the Nordics. We help building projects to succeed by supporting design, cost and production management.

Our total BIM consulting for investors, designers, constructors and builders covers all stages of a project from early budgets to production control onsite. All of our total BIM customers have delivered their building projects on time and in budget. Over 30 years’ experience in complex building projects supports us in leading BIM process.

We are honored to hold one of the greatest awards in the field. It is the best total BIM project - Tekla Global BIM awarrds 2014. Reference projects cover dozens of building projects with total construction value over €2 billion. These construction projects vary between €1-600 million.

See video on award winning total BIM project (OP-Pohjola Vallila, Helsinki, Finland). Read more about the project.

Easton Helsinki project won Tekla BIM awards 2017 (Finland & Baltics). Read more on the project here.

With us your BIM process follows the needs of an iterative decision making typical for all construction projects.  Furthermore, we bring reliability, control, predictability and visibility to challenging projects.

BIM Process

BIM is our passion and we know what it takes to implement BIM safely and effectively. Having trained over 2 250 construction professionals on various subject areas, we are an ideal partner for facilitating change.

Managing Building Information Model (BIM)

Very often building information modelling is managed by design for design. Focusing in modelling work and using technology are something that people talk about. Our approach on building information modelling differs from traditional approach.

BIM process is owned, planned, budgeted, managed and provided under project management. We strongly believe that this is the best way to ensure BIM in the center of the project, where it belongs. BIM in center of a building project ensures information flow between parties and balanced support for each parties to meet their requirements.

Efficient design and modelling work require understanding on later processes and their needs. Traditionally it is not designers area of expertise to know how, why and when estimating, procurement, scheduling, production planning and site managers use BIM. We bring this knowledge and lead BIM to right path from the beginning of the project.

BIM work begins before Design work

BIM begins before designers start their work. At early stages of a building project, it is in client's interest to make important and framing decisions. This is the right time to look at the goals for building information modelling, to place it in design contracts, to ensure required competencies, and to outline overall BIM strategy.

Succesfull BIM Project

Our recipe for successfull BIM begins with clear understanding of the building project, its goals and needs. It continues by setting purpose for the BIM and leading modelling work and helping BIM users towards this purpose. In addition to supporting each individual process, we also operate as cross-functional expert between processess and project parties.

Let us know, what building information stands for you and we help you to get there. As a guide line for project owners, think following processes.

- Managing; setting goals & strategy and managing BIM
- Designing; coordinating & supporting BIM for better design work
- Estimating; enabling model base quantity take-off and cost control
- Procurement; supporting model based procurement packages
- Production planning; ensuring efficient & riskfree schedules
- Production; ensuring efficiency onsite and supporting endusers


Cost Estimation

-    Complete cost estimation services
-    Early stage budgeting
-    Cost management of design changes

3D Modelling

-    3D Modelling
-    Visualization
-    Site planning


-    Design management
-    Cost management
-    Schedule planning and production control

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